Every destination, objective, and customer has specific air transportation needs.

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 AAT maintains a fleet of advanced turboprop aircraft with modern avionics and equipment. Our aircraft are strategically equipped to serve the wide variety of Alaskan communities and industries.


We operate three Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. The Pilatus PC-12 holds the best safety record and is more efficient than all aircraft in its class. It offers:

  • PT6 Turboprop Engine

  • Spacious Pressurized Cabin

  • Seating for up to Nine Passengers

  • Forward Passenger Boarding Door and Separate Aft Cargo Door 

  • High Cruising Speed: Can Fly Non-Stop to Seattle in 5 Hours!

  • Better  Economy and payload capability  than Twin Engine Turboprop Aircraft

We operate two Grand CaravanEX aircraft. The CaravanEX is the new generation Cessna utility aircraft. It offers:

  • New Variant PT6 Turboprop Engine - 28% more powerful than the Legacy Caravan Engine

  • Advanced De-icing Equipment

  • Seating for up to Nine Passengers

  • Large Cargo Door and Cargo Pods for Bulk Transport

  • Efficient for Short-Range Flights

  • Well suited  for Alaska’s Rough Runways

  • Great for Hunting Trips and Moose Hauls



Free Parking

Shuttle Transport

Cargo Storage


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