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Every destination, objective, and customer has specific air transportation needs.

Let us help you meet them.

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 AAT maintains a fleet of advanced turboprop aircraft with modern avionics and equipment. Our aircraft are strategically equipped to serve the wide variety of Alaskan communities and industries.

Our fleet

We operate Four Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. The Pilatus PC-12 holds the best safety record and is more efficient than all aircraft in its class. It offers:

  • PT6 Turboprop Engine

  • Spacious Pressurized Cabin

  • Seating for up to Nine Passengers

  • Forward Passenger Boarding Door and Separate Aft Cargo Door 

  • High Cruising Speed: Can Fly Non-Stop to Seattle in 5 Hours!

  • Better  Economy and payload capability  than Twin Engine Turboprop Aircraft

We operate two Grand CaravanEX aircraft. The CaravanEX is the new generation Cessna utility aircraft. It offers:

  • New Variant PT6 Turboprop Engine - 28% more powerful than the Legacy Caravan Engine

  • Advanced De-icing Equipment

  • Seating for up to Nine Passengers

  • Large Cargo Door and Cargo Pods for Bulk Transport

  • Efficient for Short-Range Flights

  • Well suited  for Alaska’s Rough Runways

  • Great for Hunting Trips and Moose Hauls


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