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Alaska Air Transit strives to build a team of energetic professionals who enjoy serving the real Alaska. 


Customer Service Agent

The Customer Service Agent (CSA) has the principal responsibility of delivering a positive customer service experience to all customers. The CSA is responsible for understanding customer goals and going above and beyond simple order taking to ensure passengers and freight are scheduled appropriately to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

Ramp Agent

The Ramp Agent has the principal responsibility of loading, unloading, and fueling aircraft within operating limits and as requested. They work closely with the freight agents to ensure freight is coordinated in advance and with Flight Coordinators to ensure flights are executed according to customer needs. The position additionally is responsible for basic aircraft and facility upkeep.

Freight Agent

The Freight Agent has the principal responsibility of receiving, tracking, and organizing freight for storage and loading. This position cooperates effectively with the Customer Service (CSA) and Ramp Agents to create a positive experience for all customers by ensuring all their required materials are labeled, stored, and shipped correctly.

Flight Coordinator

The Flight Coordinator has the principal responsibility of ensuring Alaska Air Transit flights depart safely and “AAT On-Time” which is a balance of scheduled departure and fulfillment of customer flight goals. They coordinate the ground and flight operations necessary to carry out the flight schedule. The Flight Coordinator performs critical operational control functions; including sharing responsibility with the Pilot-in-Command for pre-departure risk assessment and using satellite technology to flight follow underway flights. The position works closely with the flight Pilot-In-Command (PIC), the ramp crew, customer service team and maintenance to orchestrate all aspects of the flight.

Pilot In Command

The Pilot in Command is responsible for planning, preparation, and operation of assigned fights.  We engage in diverse and challenging flying throughout the state of Alaska, with a mix of both charter and scheduled flying. We serve Alaskans year round, flying to airports statewide that vary from short gravel strips, to full IFR airports with paved runways. We routinely transition between IFR and VFR environments, combining disciplined IFR skills with bush airport know how.

Charter Coordinator

The Charter Coordinator has the principal responsibility of scheduling and coordinating all details and communications associated with the successful operations of chartered flights. The position is responsible for developing strong working relationships with charter customers and understanding the requirements of fulfilling flight goals. They are responsible for leading all members of the AAT team to meet customer service goals in a quick and friendly manner.


Alaska Air Transit has a wide range of growth and management opportunities. Most of our managers have started from the ground up and learned and contributed to how our operation functions today. We value previous leadership, supervisory, and management experience. If you have a desire to grow into Management at Alaska Air Transit, please reach out to us!

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