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Hunting + Fishing

Your trophy is our objective

Alaska Air Transit provides charter flights to your hunting and fishing destinations.

Contact us for a customized charter quote.

Why Charter?

By scheduling and purchasing a charter, you are reserving our aircraft and our full service in planning and customization. We encourage hunters and fishermen to reserve charters so that they have help and flexibility in handling logistics and last minute changes.

Charter Service Offers:

Time or day flexibility:

When balancing connecting flights, delay’s in the field, or weather issues, planning for flights to and from your destination can be tricky. Our Charters are scheduled around your preference for departure and pick up times. 

Room for your full Harvest:

Charter flights can allow you to bring your harvest back with you all at once, without having to split your rack.

Payload/Cargo flexibility:

Charters provide you full payload capacity of the plane. Our quoted payloads can give you the extra room needed to take necessary gear and supplies.

Tailored Service:

Our Charter Coordinator will work with you to determine the most cost effective options for your trip, and remain in contact with you throughout the trip to assure our service continues to meet your needs.

Why Charter?

Our Common Destinations



Kodiak Island

King Salmon

Larsen Bay


Epic Alaska

Litzen Guide Service

Port Lions Lodge

The Hotel McGrath

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