Policy on transporting alcohol, marijuana, and illicit drugs

To our customers:

The policy that Josie and I implemented in 2011 on carrying alcohol to villages is now updated to include policy on carrying marijuana, and on transporting illicit drugs (both of which are illegal).

Alcohol policy Josie and I have continued our policy of refusing to transport alcohol to any village, no matter whether it is a "wet", "damp", or "dry" village. This is not a judgement on whether consuming alcohol is right or wrong. But, we must acknowledge the role of air transportation of alcohol in causing harm to members of our customer communities, and we will not willingly contribute to harming these people.

Marijuana policy The legalization of marijuana by the state of Alaska has caused confusion, because it remains illegal under the federal law that applies to AAT. Therefore, we will not transport marijuana. If we learn of personal use quantities of marijuana that have been brought to us for shipment, we will politely and without judgment ask you to take it back.

Ilegal drugs policy If we learn of any amount of illicit drugs, or marketable quantities of marijuana being brought to us for shipment, we will notify state of Alaska drug enforcement Troopers. To avoid risking criminal charges, please do not take a chance and attempt to fly these items.